Good feels from Kehlani’s new album

Salena Alderson, Entertainment Editor

The soon to be mother, Kehlani has finally released the album everyone has been waiting for. Since 2017 the teasing has come to a complete end with her new album, “While We’re Waiting.” After touring continuously, the artist took a break but is back and better than ever.

She provides a slow tempo throughout her album to align with her theme of love. From heartbreak and relationship problems to hate for ex’s, and the effects of love, she presents both the positives and negatives of each topic in her songs. Kehlani’s songs provide relaxation and “chill vibes” that are similar to Jhene Aiko, another RnB artist.

I loved that she doesn’t have to use heavy auto tune, and her voice is very clear with no trace of over production. Also, she has the ability to change from soprano to alto, which makes her harmonizing sound really impressive.

“Kehlani… is setting the example of a true RnB artist.”

My ultimate favorite was her song, “Morning Glory,” where she talks about being comfortable enough to take off her wig, make up, and nails and if someone can’t accept that, they don’t deserve her at her best. Then she ends the song by blessing us with her rap verse, sounding fairly close to TLC rapper, Left Eye. I felt that this song was relatable and had a strong message.

Another favorite part of her album was at the ending of her song, “Butterfly,” she recites a beautiful poetry piece that I fell in love with. However, not all of her featured artist were my favorites, Ty Dolla $ign and 6lack were the best additions to her album. I also noticed that her songs became slightly repetitive with the lyrics in her choruses.

Other than that, the album definitely has been added to my playlist and I’m looking forward to more. Kehlani deserves a round of applause for this album and is setting the example of a true RnB artist.

Graphic by Salena Alderson