BSLC program raises funds


Kayleah Turner, 12, dances during the tribute to former North Counselor, Christopher Wiley, at the Black History Month Program on February 28th. Photo by Caitlin Pieters

Molly Schmeits, Entertainment Editor

Recently, Black Student Leadership Council hosted their third annual Black History Month Program. The program ran during the last block on Feb. 27 and 28. Each day, teachers signed up their students who are in their last block of the day to attend the event. Both days, the entire auditorium was filled to the brim.

According to Nadia Spurlock, senior president, BSLC made a total of $917 on the Thursday night production. A shortened version of the show was offered for free to students during the school day and the final full show on Feb. 28 at night costing adults $5 and children $3. When splitting up the income, $638 came from tickets and $279 came from the bake sale.

The show encompassed dances, expressive poetry, and singing all representing the African American culture.

When told the amount made, the students responded in joy, having some send “AMAZING” and “Great.” BSLC still has an exciting year ahead of them.

Their next event was African American Professionals Day, which was on Mar. 8. The event was held in the MPC, due to the high volume of opportunities. Freshmen went during Viking time, sophomores and juniors went from 10-11:20 and seniors went from 11:30-1:00.