CRU provides faith-based service opportunities


CRU members gather for a picture after their meeting on Mar. 5, 2019. CRU meets every Tuesday in the library at 5:30 pm. Photo courtesy of Tim Williams

Denaya Lewis, Opinion Writer

Campus Crusades for Christ is a national Christian organization, started in 1951 at UCLA. CRU was started at North last year thanks to senior Tim Williams. They are a small club that meets every Tuesday night at 5:30 to pray and enjoy each other’s company.

“Just seeing the ways god has moved through CRU just in my own life has been insane… it shows me how much God can move in the smallest ways,” said CRU President, Tim Williams, 12.

With just 15 members, CRU is open to seeing new faces. If you would like to get involved, the first step is to show up at a meeting. It is open to anyone who would like to participate. They eat, have a gospel session and a scripture teaching. Since most of CRU student leaders are seniors, they are looking for new members to follow in their footsteps.

CRU works with other North programs and community programs to share the word of Christ and help others.

“One of my goals in the next upcoming months, whenever it gets warm is to have a spring kickoff party, somewhere near here in a park or local church. Somewhere where people can just hang out and have fun and get to know each other,” said Williams, adding,

“Other than that, we’re trying to partner with ESL kids, I’m still trying to figure out how we can serve them in that way.”

CRU is partnered with the Burke club “growing in Christ,” other OPS and local CRU programs. In the summer, they have a bonfire and collaborate and get new ideas from other CRU’s.

Williams plans on continuing CRU in college, at the University of Nebraska. He wants to partner UNO CRU and North CRU in the future.