A new track season brings new possibilities

Tevin Conley, Sports Editor

With winter ending and spring starting soon that means it is time for track season.

Track season officially started with their first practice on Feb. 26.

The Vikings season started way before practice though.

Conditioning has been going on for weeks, also some athletes have also spent their own time preparing and training for the upcoming season.

“I usually do track all year- round so, summer track keeps me in shape and when conditioning comes around, I am ready to jump right back in it,” said junior sprinter Shamari Christian.

Other Vikings have also made efforts to prepare for the season on their own.

“I’ve been trying to eat healthier and trying to live a healthier lifestyle all around. I’ve also been training outside of conditioning, trying to prepare myself mentally for this season, so I never quit a race,” said senior sprinter Bryant Wesson.

Both Christian and Wesson run the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m.

These Vikings are very excited about this upcoming track season and have set themselves some very high goals.

“Honestly I just want drop my 200 meters time down to a low 21 and break the school record which is a 21.6,” said Wesson.

Christian also has her own aspirations of dropping her times.

“My main personal goal is to drop my times because being hurt my last two years has really set me back, but I hope to go into the season very strong,” said Christian.

Even though track is built around individual races and events, there is also still a team part of the sport that factors in.

“As goals for the team I think we will take state, we definitely have the talent this year,” said Christian.

Winning state is a must for both athletes.

“My top priority is to win state individually and win state all together,” said Wesson.