Super Bowl LIII sets new records

Richard Marcoux, Sports Writer

Many would say that Super Bowl LIII was a very boring, and disappointing Super Bowl, and those people are partially right. After seeing the NFC and AFC championship games both became shootouts that bled into overtime, a 13-3 not-so-thrilling game let down many football fans. But in the midst of this let down, there were many records broken in this year’s big game.

Scoring was a struggle for both teams. This year’s game set the record for the fewest points scored by both teams in a Super Bowl. The fewest extra points were kicked, with New England kicking one and the Rams not getting a chance to kick one at all. There was also the longest punt of 65 yards by Rams punter Johnny Hekker.

While these records don’t seem as impressive, Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick set some very astounding records. Tom Brady has the most Super Bowl rings, is the oldest starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl, has the most pass attempts, most pass completions, most pass yards, and the most super bowl games played in. Bill Belichick also has the most super bowl wins by a coach, is the oldest coach to win a super bowl, and the most super bowl appearances by a head coach. These records cemented the Brady and Belichick era.

So while this super bowl might not have been expected, both boring and very impressive records were set.