North High aims for another year of receiving scholarships


Graphic by Tyvon Smith

Tyvon Smith, In-Depth Editor

According to the publisher of FastWeb and FinAid, Mark Kantrowitz, less than 20,000 students a year receive a completely free ride to college.

In America, there is approximately 250 private scholarships that cover full ride costs to attend four-year college and universities. Meanwhile, the remaining costs are covered by grants from the institution, federal financial aid, or other scholarships that were received.

Counselor at Omaha North, Allison Iles, has been a college and career coach for seniors in the Guidance Resource Center since fall of 2013.

In helping students receive scholarships for the past five years, she has witnessed the process between those who result as being recipients, and those who fall in as just the outer number that apply.

“The biggest struggle I’ve seen students deal with are not proof reading their essays before submitting, applying for what they don’t qualify for, and not having all components lined up,” Iles said.

Many students who receive scholarships that require resumes, letters of recommendation and personal essays, understand how they all must contrast in a way that does not repeat itself.

“Applying for a lot of scholarships, and not just the big-ticket ones like Buffet or Goodrich, will be how you earn a lot of money,” Iles said.

The Susan Thompson Buffett Scholarship is granted to Nebraska residents, inquiring first-time freshman, looking to attend an enlisted public institution in Nebraska. Requirements are a minimum grade point average of a cumulative 2.5 unweighted, and in financial need to attend college.

Applications for the Susan T. Buffett Scholarship are open online at, where submissions are accepted until Feb. 1.

Assistant Director of Thompson Learning Community at University of Nebraska at Omaha, Katrina Brooks, has been working with college students in her position for seven years.

“In my role, I oversee the second-year experience, teaching students about professionalism, career skills, and professional identity,” Brooks said.

TLC mission is, “to make the transition to college, and the entry into a major field of study as smooth and educationally rewarding as possible.”

A benefit of becoming a Buffett scholar and attending University of Nebraska at Lincoln or University of Nebraska at Omaha, is being a part of the TLC.

Of all, the foundation of TLC is to “support and empower students to accomplish significant goal in their life, which is graduation/obtaining a bachelor’s degree,” Brooks said.

After being recognized as a TLC member, each student is promised to receive long lasting care and support from TLC staff, faculty, and other members in the program. Along with an upper-class peer mentor during the first two years of their undergraduate career for guidance and someone to look for a role model.

“My recommendations when applying for any scholarships,” Brooks continued, “are to start early, meet deadlines, follow directions, apply for all you are eligible for, and ask for help.”