Williams plans for her college education


Hannah Miller, In-depth Writer

Divyn Williams, a junior and color guard captain at Omaha North high school is preparing for college by participating in two college preparatory organizations and applying for scholarships. As of right now she plans on applying to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Nebraska-Omaha, and Nebraska Wesleyan University.

“I plan on going on a lot of college tours my senior year because I’ve only been to colleges basically only in Nebraska. I know I have to give myself more options so I can find the best fit for myself,” Williams said.

Williams wants to visit colleges in Kansas City, South Dakota, and Colorado. She wants to stay close to Nebraska because her family lives here.

She believes that a college education is important because it can give a person lot of possibilities and that it doesn’t matter what the degree is. It just matters if the individual has something to fall back on in case plan A fails. A person has a higher chance of getting a job and earning more money than most do without a college degree.

“My dad always told me he wants me to get a career not a job and a degree will help me get a career,” said Williams.

Williams plans on applying to as many scholarships as she is eligible for. She has a scholarship from Partnership 4 Kids [P4K] and if she keeps up with the program, she can get a $20,000 scholarship. Williams wants to apply for the Buffett scholarship because, like most students, she doesn’t want to pay for college.

For those applying for scholarships, Shane Freeman, first year college possible coach’s advice is, “that no scholarship is too small. College is expensive so if you see a scholarship apply for it. The worst thing they can tell you is no so why not take the chance. Any amount of money helps.”

Williams joined P4K in seventh grade.

In seventh and eighth grade in P4K a few topics students learned about was the cost of college and more about their interests.

“I want to major in psychology because I like the way that the human brain works. It has always interested me. I also wanted to be not only a psychologist, a therapist too or someone that just talks to people about their problems. I didn’t realize I was good at it until I was doing it,” said Williams.

For Williams’ college resume she has been volunteering, more recently at an event for P4K. She was selling tickets to win a free iPad. Williams is also in College Possible, recently the organization held a Fall Service day. Students volunteered for Open Door Mission.

Shane Freeman, College Possible coach, is, “preparing juniors for school by educating them about schools and scholarships. I am making sure they know about schools individually it also the things schools can offer. Another thing I do is ACT prep. Making sure their ACT score is where they want it to be and giving them the knowledge to get it there.”

“My dad always told me he wants me to get a career not a job and a degree will help me get that career,” Williams said.

Students in College Possible take the practice ACT multiple times. The most recent practice ACT exam that they took was on Oct. 5.

Williams is taking the ACT. She has never taken the SAT before and she doesn’t plan on it because she isn’t going to a college on the West or East coast.

“I know that UNL has a certain ACT score that you have to get. The first time that I’ve ever taken the ACT was this year and I got 19 on it. I think I did really, really good. I want to get maybe, a 26. Somewhere between that because a 36 would be pushing it, but of course everyone wants to get a 36,” said Williams.

Shane Freeman, College Possible coach, and William’s past P4K coordinator, Toia Phillips have mainly helped Williams prep for college. As of right now she is going over college prep with and peers of hers at school.

“I’ll ask anyone a question about college. I just want to know everything that I can know before the time comes,” said Williams.

Williams’ dad inspires her to go to college.

“He works a job every day that he doesn’t like, he has a boss that he doesn’t like, and he gets discriminated against. My dad goes through a lot at work and he does it all just to put food on the table. He always stresses that he doesn’t want that for me, and I understand it because I know all the stress that he goes through, “said Williams, adding,

“Every single day when he comes home, he’s always tired. His job is working him from 5 a clock in the morning to 7 a clock at night and he just always stresses that he wants me to go to college. He wants the best for me, and it’s always been ingrained in my mind to get a career not a job so he’s mainly the person that inspires me.”