Countryside Village Fall Festival flops


Photo by Molly Schmeits

Molly Schmeits, Entertainment Editor

Fall is finally upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. October is not only spooky season, but it’s when the weather starts to cool off and the leaves begin to change. 

When looking online, I came across a fall festival at Country Side Village, and I was very pumped to attend. Online, the website said “Come celebrate Fall at Countryside village! Whole roasted local Berkshire pig, homemade brats, knackwurst, Bavarian pretzels from Le quartier. Bounce houses for the kids, beer games, college football in the tent, German music during the day with top of the hour prost along with German beer, craft cocktails and wine!” so I had pretty high expectations. 

I pulled up to Country Side Village on September 29 and I was underwhelmed.  I was already off to a rough start, considering I was coughing my head off due to Pneumonia.  There were three different tents and two bounce houses at the end of the path. One of the tents had rows of long tables and a T.V. that had the Husker game on. The other two tents had beer and other liquor filled drinks and food. The bounce houses for the kids were just not up to standard. There were two different types and they were both covered in water. I honestly shouldn’t even call it a bounce house, it was more like a kiddie pool in the summer. 

The weather, which they had no control over, was miserable. Rain continued throughout the entire day and the temperature was very brisk. Due to the dreary weather, the crowd was pretty much nonexistent. There were around ten people under the tent watching the Husker game, and two kids running around in the “bounce house.” 

I decided it was time to taste some food. Now a little background about me, I love pulled pork. When looking at the menu, at the ONE food stand, there was about four different things on the menu. A Bavarian pretzel, brats, pulled pork, and knackwurst were the only options I had. I decided on the pulled pork because I do not like brats and I didn’t even know what a knackwurst was. I paid my eight tickets, which was actually eight dollars, and stood for about five minutes while they plated it. 

When they handed me the tray of food, I was confused. I had just paid eight dollars for a singular sandwich, that looked like it was on a 99-cent hoagie bun. I looked at the different condiments on the table, looking for BBQ sauce. THERE WAS NO BARBEQUE SAUCE! They had three different bottles filled with ketchup, grain mustard, and some pretzel dipping sauce. 

At this point I was over the entire food experience. There I was standing in the rain eating an eight-dollar sandwich that had zero barbeque sauce. I took a bite of the sandwich, and my taste buds exploded. The meat was tender and melted in my mouth. I took another bite and got a strong taste of the smoking chips that was used to cook the meat. That bite turned the entire sandwich from tasty to terrible. 

The best part of the entire sandwich was the bread.  Despite it looking so cheap, it was the only redeemable quality about the food.  Listen to your parents kids, don’t judge a book my its cover. I enjoyed those lovely carbs to the fullest. 

Overall the experience was disappointing. The day was just a bust all the way around with the weather, the Huskers losing, and the food. Also, the Pneumonia just kicked my butt. What a lovely day (can you hear my sarcasm?).