“I Love” music video review

Chase Rehder, Sports Editor

Joyner Lucas, Rapper, recently released a new music video for his song “I love” which released on October 17, 2018. 

In this video, Lucas has a lot of symbolism and incredible aesthetics. The lighting the angles and transitions all look and feel great. 

The first scene is the head of a mannequin lip-synced with Lucas’s lyrics. This scene comes off a bit odd and out of the ordinary and there doesn’t seem to be any symbolism here.  

The next scene is the crime scene. This scene portrays Lucas rapping in the taped off area with a crowd of people behind the tape jumping and yelling. Perhaps this is a metaphor for all the rappers he’s “killed” in a rap battle.  

Another scene is his on a throne as a king. This most likely is him saying that he is the king of the rap game. 

The next scene is Lucas dancing and rapping in a darker room covered in glow paint. There is glow paint on the walls, floors and even the women. The post-production here is simply spectacular, the paint on the wall will light brighter and flow with the beat.  

The last scene is Lucas at a pool party filled with women. It seems like Lucas is attempting to create a man’s perfect fantasy. It is a very high energy scene filled with dance camera effects and great post effects. 

In conclusion, I believe that Lucas’s music video for “I love” is a visual spectacle and was masterfully delivered.