Speech, Debate prepare for upcoming competition

Hannah Miller, In-depth Writer

Speech and Debate are currently preparing for their first tournament on October 26 and 27. They are traveling to a tournament in Maryville, Missouri at Maryville High School. Debate team competes on the 26th and individual events compete the 27th.

“For this tournament it’s a lot of the varsity members. Usually a lot of the first year competitors aren’t ready at this point. We have our debate team president Katie Morse competing, Trey Smith, Courtney Andreessen, D’Shaun Samuels, Christina Short, Imani Lamar, and Eric McGee and there is one slot left,” said Brown.

The students are preparing themselves for the tournament by working with each other.

“They’ll perform their pieces in front of the class, in front of me, or we give positive critiques. They just continue to repeat the process,” said Brown.

First time attendees in Speech and Debate club can expect to go over the events that they can compete in. Returnees work on their blocking, develop their cases, and perfect their speeches. The team will look at the ballots and critiques from the judges from the tournaments. Then all of the pieces will be modified in the same week before going to the tournaments the next weekend.

Brown said that Speech and Debate is a lot like a sport because they compete against other schools in the district, state, and nation.

“Come in and check it out. It can be stressful at times but for the most part we have a lot of fun. We joke around with each other and we try and make it as much as a familio atmosphere as possible while still getting to work and representing North. It’s a great way to represent North for those students that don’t necessarily want to play sports,” said Brown.