JROTC gets involved in the community

Zach Hansen, Business Manager

Omaha JROTC program has a busy month ahead as they get ready to participate in Veterans day activities and go through a promotion board. A promotion board is where the cadet is offered the opportunity to get a higher rank.

To do this, they are asked to identify three JROTC ranks and asked anywhere from three to five questions about the JROTC program regarding who is responsible for certain actions, proper wear of the uniform and what commands are given in certain circumstance. Depending on how well they score they will be promoted to the next rank.

The next rank available for the freshman cadets will be private as they start out as basic. After the private rank will be private first class.

Six new cadets presented the colors at the football game on Friday, October 12. They will also be presenting the colors at two community senior assisted care centers to honor veterans for Veterans’ Day on November 5 and 9.

On November 12, the program will be presenting the colors at four Hy-Vee grocery stores and one senior assisted care center. Each year local Hy-Vee stores honor all veterans and spouses with a free breakfast at their locations and specifically ask for color guards to be a part of those special ceremonies.