Black Student Leadership Council plans for upcoming school year

Molly Schmeits, Entertainment Editor

Black Student Leadership Council (BSLC) is a well known club in school. BSLC is responsible for hosting the African American Professionals Day, and the Black History Month Program.

According to Corie McCowin, 10th grade, BLSC is an “empowerment group for black students” that offers them opportunities to create events and attend conferences in other states.

The current club is run by John Jackson, the NCPA teacher. The student leadership board is composed of President Nadia Spurlock,12, Vice President Sanjaya Bolton, 12, Public Relation Directors Tyvon Smith, 12, and MaRaya White, 12 and Secretary Corey Mcowen, 10. BSLC meets in the lecture hall on Tuesdays.

Many students are attracted to joining because it is something that they have never seen before. McCowin joined because she “had never done anything like it before.”

“We are not stereotypical black people, we are leaders and in this together,” McCowin said regarding what she wants people to understand about BSLC.

Currently, the club is planning many different events for the upcoming school year. Two of these events are the Black History Month Program and the second annual African-American Professionals Day. The Black History Month Program is a production put on showing and celebrating different aspects of the African American culture and the African American Professionals Day is representatives from different job locations coming together to offer jobs and internships.

If there are any inquiries about joining BSLC, connect Mr. Jackson by email or stop into room 115.