NHS pushes students to leaders

Cecilia Barbosa, Opinion Editor

Ever wanted an easy way to find volunteer work? National Honors Society (NHS) is a national organization that works with high school students to help them become a part of the community and learn to work with people.

They start recruiting juniors at the end of the year that have a weighted GPA of 3.5 and above. From there they fill out an application, then give the sponsors a resume and a written essay of why they want to join.

“We want kids to be good pillars of the community… to be confident that they are going to represent the best that north high has to offer” said Colleen Durante, history teacher and NHS sponsor.

After juniors are accepted in they are active in NHS during their senior year. They start off with having a meeting the first months of school and talk about what they plan on doing in the upcoming school year.

Each student apart of NHS is required to complete at least fifteen hours of volunteer work each semester and two NHS events.

“We don’t have a limit as to how any kid get in… we want as many kids as possible” said Colleen Durante.

NHS is a very student driven organization, therefore, they want as many kids involved as possible.

When you start looking for volunteer work, the sponsors will give you suggestions on where to begin and student officers will also be on the lookout too.

As an NHS member you can choose what you want to put your time into and task that you want to undertake.

Once you’ve started your hours student officers keep track of those hours you’ve volunteered. Also, students work together when doing community work.

One valid reason a student wants to become part of the organization is that they can put this on their resume when applying for scholarships and collages.

“A lot of colleges like having National Honors Society on an application, it’s a nice feather in your cap,” said Colleen Durante.