Zoo Academy starts a new year

Joseline Albeño, Features Editor

The Career Center has been helping students experience and learn new things by giving them hands on opportunities, such as the Zoo Academy program.

Zoo Academy is a class that students take at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. It was designed to give students a new look into animal care.

Students can begin taking classes at the zoo as juniors and continue as seniors. Seniors are also welcomed if they were not in the program the previous year.

Applications for Zoo academy are given out during the time students are signing up for incoming year classes. If you wish to join the program you will have to apply, get recommendations, and there will be a follow up interview if you pass the application process.

Zoo Academy is recommended to the students who wish to go into a career that focus on animals, like veterinarians, zoo keepers, etc. You will be educated on endangered species, how to handle animals, and other subjects.