Art Club, NAHS begins new year with fundraisers

Caitlin Pieters, Photographer

Art Club and National Art Honors Society (NAHS) stared up again, and NAHS meets on Tuesdays and Art Club meets on Wednesdays. As of right now art club is staring off the year with making crafts, Elisa Soto said, “in Art Club we are making little small crafts like jewelry making and making friendship bracelets,” while NAHS is planning their events for this year.

NAHS is a program that can help students get scholarships once they are seniors. It also helps them improve their art skills and create a portfolio for college. To be in art club you must keep a 3.0 or higher GPA and show up to meetings.

This year the president is Elisa Soto a junior that has been very invested in art club and NAHS over the time she has been at north. Over the summer NAHS made and sold pottery and tee shirts. They sold some art at the Benson Days where there were a lot of vendors, art, and live music.

“We have a ton of stuff right now that’s sellable,” Soto said.

NAHS is planning are what they are going to sell and when they are going to have their fundraisers. NAHS will be going to the National Art Educators Convention or National Art Student Conference. Last year they went to the National Art Educators Conference in Seattle, saw a lot of different types of art, and went and looked at art around the city.

“We went to the Chihuly Gardens it’s was full of blown glass pieces, it was really cool,” Joshua Moore said.

Art Club is for anyone who wants to make art on a Wednesday after school. Students that aren’t in NAHS can come and have fun making art.

“It’s kind of a chill place to be, I have some worksheets and whatever it’s kind of a hangout place,” said Kat Anderson, NAHS sponsor.