The Gay-Straight Alliance promotes awareness of the LGBT+ community

Emily Mann, News Editor

The Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA, is a club, typically held in middle schools or high schools, that provides a safe place for LGBT+ and straight students alike. In the 90s, North started their own GSA and it has since served as a safe meeting place for the students at North of any sexuality.

Allison Iles, counselor at North, started as the club’s sponsor around 2006-2007 along with Alan and Jann Dappen, but soon took over the club.

“I am passionate about the LGBTQ community and I wanted to be an advocate,” says Iles.

She continues, saying anyone can join so long as they have an “open heart and open mind.”

“It’s a safe place for anybody,” said Dani Caps, 11.

Caps has been in GSA since last October and has participated in events such as the Day of Silence and pride ribbon sale held last spring.

“It is bringing people awareness of the LGBT community,” said Caps, “but at the same time you’re helping people
already in it have a place that they can go.”

Caps said GSA serves as a place they, and others, can be themselves.

Caps said, “I can’t go home and talk about it. I can’t go home and be myself, so to come to school and to have that means a lot.”

GSA had their first meeting earlier this month on the 6th. Those who contact Iles via email requesting to join the club, will be added to GSA’s group email.

“You don’t have to be gay,” Caps assures, “You can come and support. It’s the Gay-Straight Alliance.”