Daniels takes on counseling position

Nautica Lockett-Barnett, Features Editor

This year North High’s Guidance Resource Center (GRC) has welcomed some new faces. LaTerra Daniels, a social and emotional counselor, is the counselor for students whose last names begin with the letters K, O, Q, T, W, and X.

“I’m pretty relaxed in general, so I feel like that’s always a good thing when working with teenagers,” Daniels said.

Daniels also describes herself as an optimistic, very detail oriented and a determined person. She said she feels she’s still at a young age where she can still relate to the students in some ways.

Before coming to North, she worked on the kids’ side of the psychiatric unit of Immanuel, after previously working in the same unit at Nebraska medicine. When she worked there, her main tasks were conducting groups, building relationships, and doing wellness checks to make sure no one hurt themselves.

She primarily worked with kids between 4-18 years old, and a lot of their backgrounds or reason for being there started to take a toll on her.

“As a mother, myself, I had trouble leaving work for the day and not thinking about what those kids have gone through,” Daniels said.

From the children in the psychiatric unit she learned that there is always so much more than what a person lets you see. Also, everyone has a story to tell, some are just more severe than others.

Daniels primarily chose to come to North high due to all the good things she has heard about Mr. Haynes and the counseling department. She also likes the atmosphere that has been set by current and previous counselors. It lets her know that both the students and staff are a good fit for her.

Daniels also got to teach at a high school overseas, due to being a military wife. She was a substitute teacher mostly for English, Math or Special Ed. While overseas in Japan she learned how culturally different they are and realized how sheltered she was.

While overseas, she was the high schools cheer team coach. She has considered being an advisor for North’s cheer team if there is an opening next year. If there isn’t an opening for cheer she says she may try the dance team.

At a young age she experienced so much, due to putting in so much work in her high school years. She wants to be able to help other kids because “this is a vital time for students; it is how you lay your foundation for life as an adult. Take it serious now, so you don’t regret it later,” she said.