Seniors join varsity football team for the first time


Steven Krawcyz, 12, goes head-to-head with number 3 on Burke’s team. Krawcyzk, number 33, played most of the game. Photo by Gabby Push

Jessica Stacy, Sports Writer

Out of 56 boys on the varsity football team at Omaha North High School, Donovan Foster and Steven Krawczyk are just two of them. They are both Seniors but there’s something different about them; this is their first year on the Omaha North High varsity football team.

“I was in football my freshman year but, the next year I wanted to try some different things like musical and drama club” Foster said.

He plays the guitar in his free time and makes meal plans for other people, though he hasn’t had much free time lately. He says that football keeps him busy with practices being every day from 3:20 to around 5:15.

Donovan’s position is tight end and occasionally linebacker.

“Football has definitely changed my mindset into being more disciplined… and to keep going whether or not it’s going to hurt me.” Foster said.

He wants to be as fit as possible so, Foster said the perfect pregame meal would be “nothing heavy” but “something light”, such as a protein bar and a protein shake.

He said that he wanted to go back to football his junior year, however he got in a car accident and injured his back.

“It’s more so that things were preventing me from playing football…it’s a passion, it’s always been a passion since elementary school and made me who I am today,” Foster said.

He really wants to concentrate on helping others.

“I want to possibly even help other students with football and other athletics… I make meal plans for other people and want to possibly grow it into being a program for people to buy,” Foster said.

Foster said the biggest reason he came back to football was because the atmosphere is a “brotherhood.”

Steven Krawczyk, 12, is a middle linebacker who transferred from Creighton Prep to Omaha North in the winter of his Junior year.

“I was looking at a couple different schools but, there’s a teacher who used to teach at Prep who is really close to my family. He just started teaching here so he persuaded my family to have me come here… the football team is really good here too, that’s probably the main reason.” Krawczyk said.

Football isn’t just about the sport to Krawczyk, it’s helped him with other things in life too. “I used to get in a lot of trouble going into high school, so football was something that I was good at and I could focus on instead of getting in trouble.”

“It’s definitely a brotherhood it’s just a different type… Prep was a private school, there were a lot of rules but like, here at North you’re pretty free to do a lot more… at Prep it was all about Brotherhood, everyone on the team was best friends but here at North it’s more about winning.” Krawczyk commented on the environment and atmosphere of North’s team compared to Prep’s.