North High gets new curriculum specialist

Tyvon Smith, In-Depth Editor

LaDeidre Jackson has been a science educator within OPS for twelve going on thirteen years.

For eleven years, Jackson was a teacher at Blackburn High, then spent a year at Parrish Alternative School.

Jackson is now the Curriculum Specialist over the science department at Omaha North, where her mission is to be certain that “all students are provided with available opportunities to help them thrive in life and career.”

“I anticipate to prep teachers with efficient tools for teaching and learning, ensuring that teachers have the tools to teach ALL students,” Jackson said. Jackson’s aims to support the common vision for Omaha North’s improvement with staff diversity, by directly planning activities and putting programs in place to establish attainment in the school’s and district vision.

“I know the importance of building meaningful and positive relationships with students; hence, I think it is very important to me to show others how to be successful in their classrooms,” Jackson said.