Danner diversifies the dance team

Chase Rehder, Sports Editor

This Year the Omaha North High School Dance Team recruited two boys. One of which is Daevian Danner, 10. 

Danner has only recently joined Omaha North High School’s Dance team. However, dancing has always been a part of Danner’s life and he said that he’d wanted to join since eighth grade. 

Danner says the atmosphere of the dance team is good, but he wishes they could practice somewhere else. He wants a new place to practice because the wrestling room, which is their current practicing room, is too small for the entire team to practice.  

Danner says that the girls on the dance team are very accepting with having boys on the dance team and they want more to audition. 

Sha’lise Oliver, 11, co-captain of the Omaha North High School Dance Team says that having boys on the team is good and she wants more. However, it has resulted in a few minor changes and inconveniences. They had to revise dances or give different dances to accommodate the boys. They also needed to get new uniforms for the boys and they now must go into separate rooms to change when prior to the boys they did not have to. 

Danner said that he had a lot of people telling him he couldn’t make it, so he had to prove them wrong. He wants to continue proving what he can do by being captain by his senior year and after he graduates from High School he wants to go to a college for performing arts. For future careers he is interested in doing Hip Hop Choreography. 

Danner’s favorite part of being on the dance team is being around his friends and doing what he loves. The hardest part for him is the repetition, he says it gets tiring practicing the same dances every day. Another difficult part for Danner is performing in front of the stadium crowd, he says he has stage fright and that performing for the crowd during half time can be difficult.