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Mrs. Ricard’s Scholarship Check Ceremony Photo Essay

Caitlin Pieters, Back Page Editor

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Mrs. Ricards Scholarship Check Ceremony 

By Caitlin Pieters  


Mr. Haynes at the beginning of the ceremony. Mr. Hanes the principle of Omaha North gave the okay to start the ceremony. 


A class of student that worked with Mrs. Ricard a lot receives the check for her scholarship. Mrs. Ricard’s scholarship is twenty-five hundred dollars. 


Mr. Haynes thanks the donors. He thanked them because they invested in the scholarship and the school.   


Mr. Haynes gives a speech about Mrs. Ricard. In his speech he talked about how much Mrs. Ricard meant to the students, staff, and the whole school, overall.


Mr. Haynes thanks and gives pins to the donors. He individually thanked and gave pins to everyone who helped with the Mrs. Ricards scholarship finds. 

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Mrs. Ricard’s Scholarship Check Ceremony Photo Essay