Unfair Grading Scale

Caitlin Pieters, Photographer

Omaha Public Schools has changed their grading scale and call it their “new and improved grading scale”. Students think it doesn’t benefit them at all, but rather hinders them.

Omaha Public Schools said, “Under the previous grading scale, teachers had expressed concern that some students could achieve a ‘proficient’ grade in a course even though they have only completed minimal work in the course.” This new grading scale makes it harder for the students to get an A, so students who already work very hard have to work twice as hard to get a good grade.

Some students think it’s unfair, and think they would be better off with the same grading scale as they had last year.

Megan McDaneld 10, said, ” Well I prefer the old grading scale because if it were the older one I’d have A’s instead of B’s and I’m working my hardest and can’t get them back to A’s.”

The old grading required for an A 4.00-3.51. The grading scale is A 4.00-3.26. Which it is harder for someone to just pass with a low grade which was their goal, but what they didn’t bring into consideration is that it makes it much harder for people to get an A.

It’s especially difficult for people in higher level class trying their hardest to an A, and one bad assignment or test could drag your grade down causing a lower grade that’s hard to get back up. If an honors or AP student gets a C they can’t continue in with that course and then have to return to academic courses.

Overall I believe that the new grading scale isn’t benefiting students in a positive way. It hinders the students and should be changed back to the old scale so that it can have a positive impact on students.