Brothers who play together stay together

Alex and Arlin Williford together before football practice starts after school. The brothers are still a part of the team and working to reach their goals.

Alex and Arlin Williford together before football practice starts after school. The brothers are still a part of the team and working to reach their goals.

Nick Aus, Sports Editor

Sports for many can be filled with life changing moments. That’s nothing but a fact for Alex and his twin Arlin Williford.

Alex and Arlin have both became great athletes over the years but it has came with a struggle. If there’s a sport one wants to do the other is surely going to follow in his footsteps. Football, wrestling, baseball, are just some of the few sports they have played together.

“Sports has always helped me and my brother bond together.” Alex, said.

Sports has allowed them to show people what they can do and get a break from daily life. Sports got them away from there home.

When the twin’s mother was pregnant with them their father gave her money to get an abortion. Instead she used the money to get the abortion she used it for alcohol and drugs.

Later when they were born their mother wanted the best for them but was still addicted.

The twins and their brothers Aaron, Avyon, and Allen, all lived a house with their mother. It wasn’t a big house but it fit them all. With her mom on and off working at between different jobs she did all she could to keep a roof over their head and food on the table.

“She did all she could for us, she was a single mom with five kids so having food even if its cold was good.” Says Alex.

After taking care of them for ten years, after Alex had a from his mother gave disciplinary actions he had some bruises. Allen the oldest told him to go show the nurse. He was nervous but did what he was told to do. After showing the nurse she pulled all of the kids out of class and asked where they could stay besides their mothers.

For the next three years they all lived with their grandma. It was a struggle for her though. She was okay with the oldest but due to conflicts with their mother she wasn’t as connected to the others. One day when the twins were 12 they packed up all their clothes and headed to a baseball game. That’s when they learned that they were going to live with their father. They were sad that they wouldn’t see their brothers as much. The brothers moved in with there uncle instead.

When they first moved in it seem pretty cool they said. For their first Christmas he gave them what every they wanted and showered them in gifts. It seemed like life was turning for the better.

Soon after that it started to change for the brothers. After many arguments with their father, being sent away from the house multiple time and getting ignored, the relationship between the three was terrible. The father tried to cut off all ties with other family members so it seemed like all the twins had was him.

One day After being sent away and having the cops sending them straight home there was a big argument. The argument led to an altercation that involved both brother and their father. Arlin called the cop as soon as he could. That argument led to the twins leaving and never coming back.

That’s when the twins went into foster care, and out of their fathers house. “The only good thing my father did was put us in sports.” Alex said.

There father pushed the kids to go into many sports and encouraged them to try hard. They had always leaned on each other but playing together let what they do together help a team. Also the sports always let the brothers show off what they are good and still stay connected.

They were both spectacular boxers. They learned how to work hard towards something and how to push threw tough times. “Everyone always ask the same question who would win if the two fought.” Arlin says.

I may know the true answer but they would both say themselves.

They wrestled and played basketball through middle school. Arlin was a better basketball player while Alex was a better wrestler. And they are not afraid of a challenger on either sport.

Their love of sports followed them into high school. Were they both played multiple sports.

Currently Both Arlin and Alex play football and are getting noticed for their skills. Alex wants to further his education while Arlin is unsure.