Omaha South, a joke of a Homecoming game


Rich Bennett, Online Editor

It felt like all of the other ones. The students, adults, and alumni were packing the stands. The cheerleaders showed off their, “Let’s send them packing” poster to the crowd and the band was ready to play after a homecoming parade in North Omaha. Everything was ready for Omaha North’s homecoming game against….. the South Packers.

The school day was cut to a half day, the annual homecoming parade strolled through the streets, and homecoming itself was the next day. The day was filled with the regular homecoming excitement that happens every year at North High School. But then there was the football game. The undefeated reigning state champs, Omaha North were facing off against the 6 and 1 Omaha South Packers for their homecoming game.

42 to 0 was the score at the end of the first quarter. After scoring on a 45 yard run, North scored again with an interception that led to another touchdown. After another 57 yard pass to wide receiver, Marquise Lewis and three more successful drives up the field led by quarterback, Payton Nelson, the quarter ended.

This homecoming game was beginning to feel like a game that we should have played at the very start of the season. North needed to be playing a team like Millard West at this time instead of South. During the last two seasons, South was played at the beginning of the season. It was similar to some preseason games in college football where they pay lower ranked teams to play against them and probably loose. These preseason games are like live scrimmages because everyone gets to see the different kinds of talent on the team.

If there even was a crowd on the visitor side to begin with, they were gone after the second quarter. An incredible 100 yard interception by free safety and wide receiver, Markell Vaughn continued to increase North’s lead. With a 49 yard run, North finished the first half, 42 to 0.

To draw away from the whole fact that the game was already over, the traditional showcase of the homecoming candidates proceeded on the field. The rest of halftime continued and a new game began.

The starting players won the game at the half. The reserves came onto the field to begin their game. Their goal was simple, finish the game and prevent South from scoring.

By putting the reserves in, this gave South a chance. A chance to score. But did they take advantage of it? No, they didn’t.

During the third quarter, North gained another six points from a 30 yard touchdown run. The rest of the game was only a matter of waiting for the end.

Let’s get this straight. First, I’m not criticizing South for loosing against North. The problem with the game is the fact that just because it was homecoming we have to blowout a poorly ranked team.

Just because many of the Omaha North alumni have come to watch the game doesn’t mean that we need to play a team that everyone knows we are going to win. If the schedule could have been changed, Omaha Central, Creighton Prep, or even Millard West would have been a great team to play for a homecoming game because at least they would give us some competition.

We have all these special events tied to homecoming weekend. School gets out early for the students, a parade with the school’s clubs and sports goes through town, the alumni get to get in free to the game, there is a race for homecoming king and queen, and the actual dance is the next day. I don’t see how playing a team like the Omaha South Packers fits into this celebratory picture.

It doesn’t make any sense for someone to think that a game was bad because it was a blowout. But, the truth is that those games are boring. Games that are neck and neck or ones where a team comes back to win it are exciting.

I understand that it was a homecoming game and it’s important to win those. But, North could have at least played a team that would have been able to score against us and maybe bring a crowd to the visitor side of the stadium.