Teachers bleed blue and gold

September 26, 2014

Shelby Friesz, a first year English teacher, had nightmares of being a failure to her new students. The previous year, Friesz student taught alongside Hillary Aerts and Jann Dappen.

Before being accepted into the Education Program to student teach, Friesz took her selected science and general education courses her freshmen year of college. During second semester she decided to go into the Pre-Med program.

Friesz wanted to go into a science career because it was her “calling.” Friesz first wanted to become a doctor, but during her studies, she decided not to continue the pathway into medicine.

Choosing North High school as her student teaching experience took some investigation. She wanted to find an urban school with different amounts of students.

“People’s stories are never told,” Friesz said. She wanted to find a school that showed a great amount of diversity.

She decided to apply to North and Central High school because of the type of diversity that surround the urban area.

Being a Student teacher, Friesz formed bonds with her students that will continue. With the first day of school arriving, she was nervous.

Two of her previous students came to visit her and wish her good luck with her freshmen class.

She is now teaching four blocks of Freshmen English and two blocks of senior English.

Friesz has had enough time to focus on her professional life.

She recently got engaged but it has not bothered Friesz. She has not thought about it too much because she is busy with school.

First year teachers have a hard time getting accustomed to a new environment. Teachers that have had experience at North know the way to fix their mistakes from previous years.

“I was too busy to have emotions!” Eryn Surprenant said, a second year math teacher.

The amount of effort needed to complete lesson plans accumulates throughout the whole school year.

The memories of teaching will be valuable to new teachers because they are trying to understand the flow of the school.

“During graduation I feel like it’s a memorable experience because the student’s thank you for everything you have done for them,” English teacher, Laura Geiger, said.

“The first year I didn’t have anything planned. The lesson plans were overwhelming because I didn’t have any books or information that would help me!” said Honors Geography teacher, Jane Erdenburger.

Since then Erdenburger has now developed new ways to plan for the school year.

Every teacher developed in their own ways and adapted to the school. Each student provides an insight to teacher’s planning and teaching style.


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