Blue Men take the field

September 26, 2014

Friday night lights, the epitome of high school.

As Nebraska’s top ranked high school football team, Omaha North, takes the field, the crowd follows.

The wave of students, parents, and community members scream and shout as the State champion team burst through the cheerleaders’ weekly sign onto their home field.

The face of the student crowd is the Blue Men Group. It consists mainly of seniors Alex Stearns, Quintrell Haynes, Colin Thomas, and Nick Combs, but features anyone who wishes to participate.

Stearns is the only returning blue man runner. He got involved thanks to last year’s participants, like Bayani “Phish” Seldera and Jackson Cutsor.

In attempt to exceed last year’s members, the group plans on getting more student participation. By getting the word out about the games, and having central themes, they hope for a stronger student base.

With themed weeks, that the student body agreed upon, and bigger participation, the team expects a pumped-up crowd. From Hawaiian to Superhero weeks, the student body is being encouraged to show their school spirt.

Throughout the game, cheers like “Aye blue”, “I believe that we will win!” “What’s that you say?” and “Let’s go Vikings” echo through the field. Not only do they energize the crowd, but they encourage the players to keep doing their best.

The blue men lead the crowd, and connect with the players.

“Football players respect us, and they see our support,” Stearns said.

Isaac Ward, senior, football player, says his ideal crowd is educated. When the offense is playing, they need to communicate, so the crowd should quiet down.

But when the defense is out, the louder the crowd, the better.

With Stearns in his yellow morph suit, and the students decked out in blue and gold, it is easy to see what team they support. He believes North has the best OPS pride, but does not show it.

Being on the field brings a new sort of excitement to the members.

“It’s awe-inspiring,” Stearns said. “[It is] lots of fun. It makes you feel like you’re a part of something, and like people are pumped up from me.”

Looking up from the field to the stands is a sea of blue and gold.

Since majority of the members are seniors, their desire is to make this their best year ever.

Stearns and the other blue men are all open to suggestions, and are constantly looking for new cheers.


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