Minturn returns to soccer in new position

April 26, 2016

Leaving the game can be rough for some athletes, but jumping back into it is far more difficult. Noah Minturn, Junior, decided to try out as goalie this year for the North High soccer team.
“I knew I was athletic but I hadn’t played goalie before this year so I couldn’t help but be nervous,” Minturn said.
At four years old, Minturn was running around a soccer field, living it up and playing in no sort of formation.
“We ran around the field and you hoped to get a few touches on the ball a game,” Minturn said.
Learning fundamentals was really the main goal of a soccer player that age but now Noah has much more on his plate.
Minturn never played goalie before this year so really, all his soccer knowledge and skill was out the window. Goalie requires different mechanics than that of a field player. The biggest change is the ability to use your hands.
Goalie is known as a captain figure on the field, directing people where and when to go and Minturn is ready for all of that.
“A captain spot would be awesome but I feel like I have a little bit more to prove to my guys before I am viewed as a leader,” Minturn said.
Minturn needed the help of his friends to coax him back into the game.
“I think Noah has benefited this team greatly, his natural athletic ability will help him coast through the rest of the season,” Austin Snow, Varsity soccer player.
Getting out of the sport was one of Minturn’s regrets, he has missed roughly over 10 years of soccer and unfortunately can’t get those years back.
Minturn’s philosophy: better now than never.
“I’m upset that I quit but I’m going to have to make that time back up in these next two years hopefully,” said Minturn.
This wasn’t the only reason for the comeback. Soccer is one of the best activities to get into and stay in shape. Minturn saw this as a double whammy.
“If I’m staying in shape and having fun doing it, then you really can’t beat that,” Minturn said.
New players on a team is the same as adding a new family member. The varsity soccer team has welcomed him with open arms in hopes that his addition to the team is positive.
All athletes know that chemistry is one of the biggest things that are needed to win games.

Minturn wants to be able to trust his players he has never played with before.
“I trust my guys for sure, it didn’t take me long to get into the soccer family,” Minturn said, “ but now that I’m a couple games in my team and I are pretty much one.”
Noah has proven that getting back in the game is possible even at an advanced level such as high school varsity.
“I don’t want to get too full of myself. I want to stay humble and finish out the season on a good note,” Minturn said.

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