Beauty has no size

March 27, 2015

It is hard enough for many people to feel comfortable in their own skin, let alone what they look like in the clothes that they wear.

For awhile, Abercrombie and Fitch have been saying many things in order for certain people to not purchase and sell their clothing. According to an interview conducted by Newsweek, CEO Michael Jeffries stated that the company goes after the customers who are “cool”, attractive, fit, and have a lot of friends.

“I think that companies treat their customers this way because they have no respect and they just want the money,” freshman, Allison Wood said.

Abercrombie and Fitch’s women’s clothing line only goes up to a size large, which is equal to size fourteen. Fourteen is the assumed “average” size for women in the U.S, according to Abercrombie.

When it comes to men, the sizes go up to extra-extra-large. According to Elite Daily they supply this size of clothing for buffer men, like football players or wrestlers.

“He [Jeffries] has the right to believe what he believes, but he has to understand how it affects others,” senior, Mikey Thompson said.

The people disagreeing with the comments he made connect to the increase in stocks after the announcement of his resignation.

On December 9, 2014, Jeffries resigned from his job of twenty-two years. It is said that the stocks of Bloomberg went up 8 percent after the announcement of his retirement from the company.

“The stigma that only pretty people can buy Abercrombie that Jeffries imposed, bars society-deemed “ugly” people and the people who don’t want to shop there because of that fact,” Thompson said.

Abercrombie does not only discriminate by looks but by race and religion as well.

Recently on February 25, 2015, a young Muslim woman went to court because Abercrombie and Fitch denied her a job because she wore a Hijab.

According to Fox news, Abercrombie says that they did not hire her because of her headscarf. Yet in the article they mention how no headgear can be worn when working.

“To keep a Muslim woman from being an employee at Abercrombie is religious discrimination. It really does say a lot about the company,” Thompson said.

There have been many other incidents where conflicts have arisen from Abercrombie and the way they come across socially.

Some North students would agree, like Wood, who does not think it is fair for them to put up a certain title for their company. She believes that people might feel let down or that the company is judging them.

“Just be yourself and be happy in your own body and the way you look,” Wood said.


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