Latino Leaders launch anti-drug campaign

March 27, 2015

Throughout the crowd at the last home basketball game, little white pieces of wrapped gum, also known as Beeches, reading “live a tobacco free lifestyle,” were passed out by the Omaha North High Latino Leaders Club due to a grant they won.

Latino Leaders members recently won a grant from a contest held by 97.7 FM Radio Lobo. They were presented with a grant of $250 to use for their club.

Radio Lobo’s contest was put on with the help of donors including, the University of Nebraska Lincoln, Cox Communication Company, Nissan of Omaha, and Thomas T. Inkelaar. Grants were given out to five organizations out of the 150 entries submitted, including the Latino Leaders from Omaha North.

Latino Leaders members and sponsors spent hours working on a series of 15 questions; both short answer and essay, to apply for the grant, after they were told about applying to boost their drug free campaign from Toni Hernandez, a drug specialist at Teachers Administrative Center (TAC). When the Latino Leaders got to go to the Radio Station for Radio Lobo, and be presented with the grant, all the hard work put into the application process was worth it.

Latino Leaders used the grant money to by peices of gum to promote their drug free campaign, along with t-shirts to outline who its members are.

The process of getting the award has given the Latino Leaders group were opened up to more opportunities to help out in the community. The Latino Leaders currently do things like clean rooms around Omaha North High, plant trees, and work with clubs like Just Friends.

When receiving the award they met with other organizations, like a South Omaha Senior Citizens Home, that they would like to work with in the future. The Latino Leaders also have opened up plans to talk to congress about smoking laws in Nebraska.

Winning the grant has opened up opportunities for the Latino Leaders all around Omaha, including working with the Omaha Benson Latino Leaders and ALAS at the University of Nebraska Omaha.

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