Healthy food: Not what it seems

February 6, 2015

You are sitting in the car on the way to school one morning, and a talk show turns on. They are talking about the real value of healthy food. You hear them say that there are hidden sugars in almost all food, even when the marketing claims that it is “healthy.” But, is it true?
Well, the truth of it is that it is not really healthy. There are hidden sugars that make up for the lack of taste. This lack is from the need to take fats out of a food, to make it appear as though it is healthier.
Don’t believe me? Well next time you are eating a “healthy snack/meal” look at the nutrition label. You will read “Ingredients: … HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (SUGAR)” along with it stating that there is little-to-no fat, but then you look down a little further and it has the sugar count…
According to the talk radio in the car, those “healthy snacks,” and all processed food- including the Lean Cuisine entrees- will go through the same process. The manufacturers will take out fats to make it less fatty, but then there is no taste that intrigues consumers to purchase their product. That is when they add more sugars, and chemicals, which creates an addiction.
Almost everyone is addicted to this sugar, without even knowing it. That is because we never take the time to actually look what is in our food.
An article from Doctor Oz, said that some of the foods including trail mix, frozen diet entrees, energy or fiber bars, muffins, frozen yogurt, and even granola, are not healthy. Those are some of the main “health” foods people will eat when looking for a diet to lose weight. Doctor Oz is a professor at Columbia University, who studies and researches health care policies, which requires him to be very credible in his articles.
Some people have tried a no sugar diet for over a year, as a family. With that diet, they all lost weight, but also got sick at first. They said that the journey was definitely not easy, but they accomplished their overall goal. The lack of sugar completely got rid of their addiction; the addiction that they did not even know was there. Now, after a year of being sugar free, the simple taste of sugar makes them sick.
We could all try taking one sugary item out of our diet a week. Every week will be one step closer to having a clean diet and break all of our addictions. This could make it more important for companies to actually make foods that are truly healthy.
Imagine if we all took that little step…

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