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Hair color means more to Iltzch than just a style

Mirella Warner, Section B Manager

March 27, 2015

Coming back from a psychologist meeting with boxes of hair dye in front of her, Katt Iltzch, started a tradition that would last her the next three years. Every month she would dye her hair. This started with the mixture of school bul...

Take a shot at this

Linh Hoang, Photographer

March 27, 2015

North and schools around the Omaha Public School (OPS) district are increasing their security equipment at the start of the 2015-2016 school year. The increase in security measures is based on the necessity of each school and part o...

Latino Leaders launch anti-drug campaign

Ciera Peters, News Editor

March 27, 2015

Throughout the crowd at the last home basketball game, little white pieces of wrapped gum, also known as Beeches, reading "live a tobacco free lifestyle," were passed out by the Omaha North High Latino Leaders Club due to a gra...

S.A.M.E makes differences in community

Annelyn Bateman, News Editor

March 27, 2015

Technology is consistently being implemented into day-to-day activities to improve life. Students in the Engineering Design and Development class work on a Society of American Military Engineers (S.A.M.E.) project. The class is onl...

I am Jessa Bateman and I’m a Mormon

Jessa Bateman, Opinion Editor

March 27, 2015

The link was all over my Facebook feed. The description said something about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leaders officially releasing a statement on religious freedom and LGBT rights. Those were two things I never ex...


Jakob Arman, Opinion Editor

March 27, 2015

Hated it. Having to wake up, go to school everyday, and pretend to be the funny, care-free guy. He had to watch all of his friends succeed while he slumps around pretending to be as good as them. Jakob Arman just wanted it to be...

Click it or risk it

Staff Editorial

March 27, 2015

As we are leaving winter in our tail lights and the driving conditions may not be as bad, we should still practice safe driving and seatbelt usage. According to the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, Half of all teens will be inv...

Fields dreams melt after tragic injury

Rich Bennett, Online Editor

March 27, 2015

4:30 in the morning and Rose Fields is awake. The sun is still hiding behind the horizon as she hurries into the Tranquility Ice Rink. She shivers as she puts on her skates. A man walks out on the ice and says, "Let’s begin....

Droenen swims across the pond

Kendall Dawson, Sports reporter

March 27, 2015

6,590 miles, a few planes, and a new life for Katie Droenen, a senior. Droenen, who also goes by her Norwegian name of Kjersti, is an Norwegian exhange student. Droenen led a normal life back home in Harstad, Norway. She gre...

Braggs lives with diabetes

Emma Martin, Features Editor

March 27, 2015

It is the fear that at anytime, anywhere, she could pass out. She could be could be lying on the ground unconscious, and no one would be there to find her. Over the summer before freshman year, Adrianna Braggs, senior, and her ...

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