New Black owned coffee shop, Dripped and Draped opens up in Benson 


Jaeden Johnson, Entertainment Writer

Dripped and Draped owners, Vanelle Littrell and Vandra Caldwell created this business together to help impower others. Born out of the desire to create an inclusive, safe space for community members to dine, shop, and enjoy, Dripped and Draped offers an experience unlike any other in Omaha. 

Skillfully placed messaging, vibrant colors, and a welcoming atmosphere are just a part of Littrell and Caldwell’s aesthetic. Littrell and Caldwell opened up in March, right when COVID-19 struck, but with the help of, “Black Out Tuesday,” Dripped and Draped got lots of business.  

I live in Benson and I constantly go to Dripped and Draped to get a heavenly latte. At Dripped and Draped they have all different types of lattes. The three lattes I tried were lavender, matcha, and regular espresso. 

I felt very comforting walking into Dripped and Draped and they required mask upon entering, even before the mandate. The aesthetically pink atmosphere creates a rejoiceful environment to talk, shop, and dine. 

The first latte, the lavender latte was very light, frothy, and refreshing. The lavender aroma was very intense, but the taste was satisfactory. The latte was not too sweet, but perfect. The latte included freshly sprinkled lavender leaves on the top. This addition was a little overwhelming for me, but overall, the latte was very invigorating. I rated this a 6.5/10. 

The second latte I had was a matcha latte with oat milk. I rated this latte a 9/10, this being my favorite out of all three drinks. The matcha was very high-quality and blended into the latte seamlessly, without any matcha clumps. The matcha added to the milk was creamy and exquisite. The matcha was lucent and lush with color, balanced with the perfect amount of sweetness.  

Lastly, I tried a vanilla latte with almond milk. The latte had a nutty taste from the almond milk, and the vanilla added a touch of sweetness and flavor. The espresso was smooth and rich. I rated this latte a 8/10, because this latte was flavorful and delectable, but in comparison to the other lattes it wasn’t as good as the matcha.  

If you want to support a Black owned business, I highly recommend visiting Dripped and Draped, because the delicious lattes and the photogenic interior creates an overall enjoyable experience.