JROTC sends their best for competition

Zach Hansen, Business Manager

The North High JROTC program will be traveling to Northwest High School to attend a color guard competition. Over the past three years, the Viking battalion have performed 90 color guards within the Omaha North community and the greater Omaha city.

They can also be seen providing courtesy patrol during the spring conferences on Mar. 7.

One of the biggest events of the OPS JROTC program is the Brigade Commander promotion board. This promotion board will decide the Brigade Commander of the 7 OPS high schools.

North’s very own Citlali Dorantes-Monrreal, 12, will be representing north for this prestigious title. This will work differently than typical promotion boards, each school will send their cadet and each cadet will be asked a series of questions by two Nebraska state guardsmen. One is an officer and is the president of the board and the other is a senior ranking non-commissioned officer.

North will also be hosting the biathlon, an event where a team of five JROTC cadets who will be chosen for their marksmanship and running abilities. The biathlon athletes from different schools will run two laps on the MPC track, speed walk to the marksmanship range, fire at 5 targets, turn around and fire at another five targets, then run 3 laps and speed walk back to the range to shoot the final five targets.

The four highest scores will be scored as the teams aggregate score and the three fastest runners will earn individual trophies. North’s team came in second place last year with Alyssa Burk, 12, coming in second.