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Salena Alderson, Entertainment Editor | April 16, 2019

The soon to be mother, Kehlani has finally released the album everyone has been waiting for. Since 2017 the teasing has come to a complete end with her new album, “While We’re Waiting.” After touring continuously, the artist took a break but is back and better than ever. She provides a slow tempo throughout her album to align with her theme of love. From heartbreak and relationship problems...

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Molly Schmeits, Entertainment Editor | April 16, 2019

Prom. The four-letter word that makes parents and students wallets cry in agony over the money spent on the magical night. According to Money magazine, on average prom goers spend around $919, which is an extreme amount of money considering it is only one night. It is typically broken down into three different aspects: dress/tux, date/ group, and food. Food can make or break the night due to the...

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